Welcome to SeeYouBeeYou

Hello, I'm Vicky Pearson from the vibrant and cultural Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. I am a Heyoka Empath (I'll explain this further shortly), and I am the founder and designer of the SeeYouBeeYou Online Spiritual Coaching and Self-Awareness courses.

In a world that is constantly evolving, filled with stress, anxiety, and numerous uncertainties, it is increasingly important to focus on our individual identities, discover our purpose, and comprehend our place in the world to navigate these changes more effectively. While we cannot avoid the perpetual shifts in our world and lives, being secure in who we are can help us withstand those changes and challenges with greater resilience.

SeeYouBeeYou is designed to help you see and be your best self. It provides transformational tools and techniques that, when applied, enable you to discover who you are, recognize patterns, and foster personal growth by developing a comprehensive understanding of how to handle the challenging situations that arise every day.


Who Are We?

SeeYouBeeYou offers a customised holistic approach to life, featuring Spiritual Coaching and Self-Awareness courses. It operates across various sectors, providing online workshops and exercises centred on self-awareness and self-recognition. Through a blend of targeted activities and self-recognition efforts, clients can begin to self-assess their personal development, well-being, and related traits and behaviours, supported by individual case studies to track their progress.

Coaching offers numerous advantages and can assist you in:
- Pursuing your dreams and devising strategies to achieve them.
- Enhancing your confidence, resilience, and self-belief.
- Communicating confidently and assertively in both personal and professional settings.
- Ceasing the endless comparisons with others.
- Uncovering your true self and embracing an authentic life.

How Can I Help?


I motivate individuals to introspect and confront their hidden hurts, wounds, and pain, which often go unnoticed. I have the ability to discern people's flaws, insecurities, suffering, and the facades they maintain, drawing attention to these issues and assisting in addressing them in a warm and friendly way.


By being compassionate, kind, and honest, I help the client awaken to reality, shedding the scales that have blinded their eyes and led them to follow the societal 'rut.'


The ability to employ tactical methods can draw clients' attention to the limitations of their current mindset.